Men`s All Stars                                                             Women`s All Stars

Goalkeeper Jarno Ihme (FIN)                                            Goalkeeper Malin Marklund (SWE)

Right defender Ville Lahdensuo (FIN)                                Right defender Andrea Eberle (SUI)
Left defender John Lehnberg (SWE)                                  Left defender Louise Bäcke (SWE)

Right forward Martin Zozulak (CZE)                                    Right forward Madeleine Ellilä (SWE)
Center forward Petri Väänänen (FIN)                                 Center forward Angela Arpagaus (SUI)
Left forward Mikko Helanen (FIN)                                       Left forward Anne Suomalainen (FIN)

Most Valuable Player Jarno Ihme (FIN)                                Most Valuable Player Madeleine Ellilä (SWE)

Congratulations, Sweden and Finland!
Final reports


Finland had a Father`s Day morning warm up to take bronze
Finland-Japan (W) 19-0



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