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3rd Annual World University Floorball Championship

The 3rd World University Floorball Championships will take place on the 6th - 9th November 2008 in Finland. The Championship Tournament is hosted by two neighbouring towns in Western Region of Finland, Kuortane and Seinäjoki.

The 1st WUC Floorball Championships took place in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002 and the 2nd one in Bern, Switzerland in 2006. This Championships will be, however, the first time both women’s and men’s competitions will be featured. The men’s tournament is for maximum of eight teams and women’s tournament for maximum for six teams selected by FISU.

A player participating in the event must be:

- a nationality of the country they represent,
- born between 1st of January 1980 and 31st of December 1990 and, 
- a student who is currently officially registered at a university or similar institute whose status is recognised by the appropriate national academic authority or
- a former student of the institutions mentioned above who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event

Kuortane Sports Institute is the official site of accommodation for all participating teams, officials and guests. The Kuortane “Athletes’ Village” is located within walking distance from the other Sports Institute’s services and facilities. The Athletes’ Village will be open on the 4th – 10th November 2008.

The games will be played both in Kuortane and in Seinäjoki. At Kuortane Sports Institute the game venue is the Main Sports Arena, a multiple sports complex. In Seinäjoki, the games are played in Seinäjoki Arena and Seinäjoki Sports Centre. All locations have seen various international floorball and other competitions succeed at their sites. The distance between Kuortane and Seinäjoki is about 40 km (30 minutes drive by bus).

The deadline for the general entries is the 6th of May 2008. For more information on the event, please check also and

We welcome all participants, officials, volunteers, quests and spectators warmly welcome to Kuortane and Seinäjoki to enjoy the great spirit of international students sports world!

Ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines for WUC Floorball 2008!