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Workshop with FISU staff on February 27th at the FISU HQ

Tapio Korjus and Harri Syväsalmi

Mr. Tapio Korjus, President of the of the Organising Committee of of the 3rd World University Floorball Championship which will take place in 2008 in Kuortane, Seinäjoki, Finland and Mr. Harri Syväsalmi, Counsellor of the Permanent Representation of Finland to the European Union had a workshop with FISU staff on Tuesday February 27th at the FISU HQ.

Mr. Korjus, who is a former Olympic Champion (javelin) presented the progress report of the 2008 WUC Floorball for WUC Director Mr. Laurent Briel and also covered plans for televising and event marketing for the audience in Finland and other countries.

During the day Mr. Korjus received information and minimum requirements how to organise a successful WUC tournament.

The OC of the 2008 WUC Floorball has plans to include a Women's Floorball tournament into the WUC program for the first time in FISU floorball history.

Kuortane will send invitations to all FISU members and International Floorball Federation members to encourage women's teams to express their willingness to participate to this historical FISU WUC tournament.

Kuortane has prepared to organise a 8-10 men's teams and up to a 6 ladies team's WUC tournament.

Mr. Kole Gjeloshaj, Directeur Protocol and Education, made a presentation of the FISU protocol guidelines. Mr. Christian Pierre, FISU Media Rep. made a presentation of the FISU communication.

Mr. Arto Ahola, Marketing Director, assisted the meeting and introduced the new policy of FISU regarding marketing.